Edison Open House Video

Botanix (ASX $BOT) Executive Director, Matt Callahan, spoke with BBC journalist, Vivienne Parry, at the  2022 Edison Open House: Global Healthcare virtual event this week.

He detailed how the Company is harnessing valuable commercial opportunities in its dermatology and antimicrobial programs:

“This is a great time to be in dermatology. There’s a real dearth of innovation, and that innovation generally comes from small to medium companies. So we’re aiming to broaden our platform to really provide an M and A target for those larger companies as we move into the next 18 to 24 months.”

2022 Edison Open House: Global Healthcare

Botanix is one of only 34 companies selected to participate in the 2022 Edison Open House: Global Healthcare virtual event to be hosted by the Edison Group next week.

Join Botanix’s Executive Director, Matt Callahan, and science journalist, Vivienne Parry, at 7pm AEST on Tuesday 25th January 2022, as they discuss the upcoming developments for our dermatology and antimicrobial programs.

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Last week, the Edison Group also published a quickview analyst report on Botanix Pharmaceuticals, an interesting snapshot of what’s to come for the Company in 2022.

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DEAL NEWS | Pfizer enters CBD market

At Botanix, we genuinely believe in the therapeutic potential of CBD to treat serious medical conditions … and clearly we’re not alone.

Last month, pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced its entry into the cannabinoid space after sharing news of its planned acquisition of clinical-stage company Arena Pharmaceuticals for a total equity value of around US$6.7 billion.

According to the official press release from Pfizer, ​​Arena holds a ‘diverse and promising’ portfolio, including an innovative CB2 agonist and dermatological disease candidate.

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Read the official Pfizer press release

AMR: the next global pandemic?

While the world continues to battle COVID-19, experts are concerned that older, sick and vulnerable patients may be at increased risk of AMR. According to an article in The Lancet, 1 in 7 patients hospitalised with COVID-19 have “acquired a dangerous secondary bacterial infection, and 50% of patients who have died had such infections.” 

At Botanix, we are exploring the potential of synthetic CBD to develop novel therapies to address AMR, and ultimately reduce the dependence on broad-spectrum antibiotics. 

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Investor Roadshow Presentation

Botanix has today released an updated corporate presentation to the ASX, to support a non-deal investor roadshow underway this week.

The latest developments in our antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and dermatology R&D programs, include:

  • Progress with our BTX1801 antimicrobial program and plans for Phase 2 clinical studies in early 2022
  • Advancement of our BTX1702 clinical trial for the treatment of rosacea
  • Acceleration of our canine BTX1204A dermatitis study

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According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, antimicrobial resistance is “one of the greatest health threats humanity faces today”.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year in the U.S., at least 2.8 million people get an antibiotic-resistant infection, and more than 35,000 people die. The reality is, #AMR can affect anyone.

At Botanix, we are working proactively to develop alternatives for broad-spectrum antibiotics in the clinic. Our BTX 1801 pipeline is focused on testing the capabilities of synthetic cannabidiol for fighting antibiotic resistance, and to develop a novel platform product for multiple human and animal health applications.

Spread awareness, stop resistance. 

MEET THE TEAM | Lynda Berne, Head of Commercial

With a successful track record of commercialising therapies in the antimicrobial space, and over 18 years of experience in senior commercial leadership within the pharmaceutical sector, Lynda Berne is well equipped to lead the commercial strategy for Botanix’s antimicrobial asset BTX1801.

“BTX1801 is an extremely interesting therapy, as it is the first and only CBD antimicrobial that has shown potent bactericidal activity against gram-positive pathogens with no development of resistance, as well as effective eradication of Staphylococcus aureus in nasal carriers, while maintaining an excellent safety and tolerability profile.”

Lynda is currently collaborating with the clinical team to build the commercial strategy and determine the optimal pathway to market for BTX1801.

“We are evaluating various patient populations at high risk of S. aureus bloodstream infections. This has led us to identify haemodialysis patients who use central venous catheters for dialysis as a population at very high risk of bloodstream infections. 

“There are currently no therapies approved to reduce the risk of bloodstream infections among haemodialysis patients, which creates a significant opportunity for Botanix.” 

Lynda is currently working with health economists and key opinion leaders in nephrology and infectious disease to provide input into Botanix’s clinical trials program and health economic outcomes research plan, with a view to sharing study outcomes with investors and potential partners.

“Our priority right now is to raise awareness of the unmet need and economic burden of bloodstream infections in this population, and to position BTX1801 as the solution.”

AGM Presentation

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT) is today hosting its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 9:00am AWST at the offices of BDO, 38 Station Street, Subiaco, WA.

To coincide with this event, the Company has shared an updated corporate presentation, which consolidates its progress in the past financial year and the valuable opportunities Botanix is pursuing in dermatology and infection control.

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Vince Ippolito speaks with Proactive

Botanix President and Executive Chairman, Vince Ippolito, was interviewed by Christine Corrado from Proactive’s New York studio yesterday.

Their conversation focused on the recent launch of our BTX 1204A canine study for atopic dermatitis and our BTX 1702 rosacea study in Australia and New Zealand.

In commenting on the potential for the atopic dermatitis study, Vince said:

“A successful outcome for this study could lead to partnering opportunities for Botanix in animal health … a $750m dollar market. As well as back into another Phase2b study in humans for atopic dermatitis.”

Take a look:

Dermatology Update

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT) has today provided an update on its dermatology program, focusing on the BTX 1204A canine study for atopic dermatitis and BTX 1702 rosacea study.

The BTX 1204A canine study for atopic dermatitis has now been launched. This will enrol 45 canines and evaluate two formulations of BTX 1204A. Positive data from a pilot study in May has already demonstrated that a new higher dose of synthetic CBD, in a novel Permetrex™ formulation, reduces severity of atopic dermatitis over 28 days – providing strong foundations to extend this program into both animal and human health.

The BTX 1702 rosacea study is also gaining momentum. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, recruitment is progressing according to plan in Australia and New Zealand – with a goal to enrol 120 patients to investigate the safety and tolerability of two different concentrations of BTX1702.

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