Herald Sun + Daily Telegraph | Sofpironium Bromide Story


Herald Sun Reporter, Owen Leonard, met with Botanix executives while they were in Australia this week and has published a story about the Company’s recent acquisition of Sofpironium Bromide.

This novel potential treatment for primary axillary hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that results in excessive underarm sweat, is bringing new hope for sufferers.

Botanix Executive Director, Matthew Callahan, explained why it could fill a market gap:

“At the moment, to treat it, you’ve got a couple of options. You’ve got antiperspirants – covers up the smell but does nothing to actually have an effect on the excessive sweating – and at the other extreme, you’ve got surgery, where they’ll actually go in and cut the nerve to stop the signals getting to the sweat gland to stop you sweating excessively.

“In between, there’s been a lot of drugs that have been around for decades that don’t work very well and have all sorts of nasty side effects.”

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Euroz Hartleys Report | ‘Transformational Acquisition’

Botanix (ASX:BOT) is pleased to share a research report from leading stockbroking firm, Euroz Hartleys, following the Company’s recent acquisition of Sofpironium Bromide.

The deal has been called a “transformational acquisition”.

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Investor Webinar | May 2022

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) hosted an investor update webinar following the announcement of its acquisition of Sofpironium Bromide, the first and only novel treatment for primary axillary hyperhidrosis. Present on the call was President and Executive Chairman, Vince Ippolito; Executive Director, Matt Callahan; Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Patricia Walker; and Chief Commercial Officer, Howie McKibbon. 

Video Interview | Vince Ippolito

Botanix President and Executive Chairman, Vince Ippolito, is a world-leading dermatology executive.

In this video, he explains why today’s announcement of our acquisition of Sofpironium Bromide is such a promising commercial opportunity for Botanix – as the first and only new chemical entity developed for the treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis.

Small Caps Interview | Vince Ippolito

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX: BOT) executive chairman Vince Ippolito joins Kerry Stevenson on Small Caps to discuss the company’s acquisition of novel dermatology asset Sofpironium Bromide gel.

New dermatology asset acquisition

Botanix has today announced acquisition of a novel dermatology asset known as Sofpironium Bromide, which has been developed to treat primary axillary hyperhidrosis – a medical condition which results in excessive underarm sweating.

Sofpironium Bromide is the first and only new chemical entity developed for primary axillary hyperhidrosis, and this product is primed for market following successful pivotal studies conducted in late 2021.

This is a defining deal for Botanix, cementing our credentials as a global leader in the development and commercialisation of novel dermatology products. Sofpironium Bromide complements our existing dermatology pipeline and will leverage the core skills of our newly-expanded management team, with an enviable track record of successfully launching products.

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