Botanix Pharmaceuticals signs exclusive agreement with leading telehealth provider UpScriptHealth®

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT) has signed an exclusive agreement with UpScriptHealth® to provide the digital platform and telehealth services for the commercial launch of Sofdra™ (sofpironium bromide) gel, 15%. The agreement with UpScriptHealth is an important step towards building the commercial infrastructure for the successful launch of Sofdra following approval.

UpScriptHealth was the first company to deliver prescriptions online. With more than 1 million patients served, UpScript is the leading digital platform for pharmaceutical companies to offer medications and other therapeutics direct to consumers.

The UpScript website will be the first point of entry for the majority of patients seeking a prescription for Sofdra gel. Patients will be matched with UpScript’s nationwide network of licensed U.S. physicians for online consultations. If a physician finds that a patient is an appropriate candidate, an electronic prescription will be issued and forwarded to a pharmacy that fills it and then ships it to the customer’s home or office.

For patients who are actively seeking support and solutions online, UpScript provides a fast, convenient, clickable option.

Botanix CEO, Dr Howie McKibbon said:
“Our exclusive agreement with UpScriptHealth® forms a cornerstone of the commercial infrastructure required for the successful launch of Sofdra™ (sofpironium bromide) gel, 15%. UpScriptHealth’s proven digital platform and telehealth services are expected to greatly facilitate Sofdra prescriptions.

“UpScript will provide a fast, convenient, clickable option for patients seeking hyperhidrosis solutions online. Botanix and our patients will benefit from the enhanced patient access offered by UpScript’s digital hub.”

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